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JoAnn conducts arbitrations at an hourly rate of $430.

This rate also applies to study time and pre-hearing conferences. Reimbursement for reasonable travel expense is separately charged. She does not charge for travel time within the continental U.S. For additional payment terms and information on arbitrated matters before the American Arbitration Association, please visit www.adr.org.


JoAnn is available for full day (8-hour) and half day (4-hour) mediations, both in-person and via Zoom, at the following rates:

  • Full day (8 hours): $1,250 per party

  • Half day (4 hours): $650 per party

Payment is due before or on the day of the mediation session. The above rates include up to three hours per party of time for reviewing pre-mediation statements and conducting pre-mediation conferences. Additional pre-mediation time will be charged to the respective party at $300/hour and billed after the mediation. Additional mediation time exceeding the above half-day or full-day allotments will be charged at $300/hour and divided equally between the parties. Travel expenses beyond 100 miles of Austin are divided equally between the parties and billed after the mediation. No charge for travel time within the continental U.S.

Onsite lunch for full-day, in-person mediations will be provided at no additional cost to the parties as arranged by Dalrymple ADR.